Fairport´s Cropredy Convention

Fairport´s Cropredy Convention 8th, 9th and 10th August 2013

Don´t miss Fairport´s Cropredy Convention this year! My first visit was last year, 2012, and what an experience! The small village Cropredy is invaded by 20 000 visitors instead of the regular 750 citizens living there permanently. The two pubs Brasenose and Red Lion have their traditional open air music performances.

The band started in 1967 with Simon Nicol as the original member, even if Dave Pegg joined the band two years later. So the band celebrates their 46th anniversary this year.

Fairport had a Scandinavia tour in April this year and played in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg. The concert in Gothenburg at the jazz club Nefertiti was a great success with a sold out house.

Dave Pegg


Simon Nicol

Chris Leslie

Fairport Nef 20 apr 13 089Ric Sanders

Gerry Conway

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